Articles By Carlos Aguilar

February 19, 2018

TRAILER: These Teen Girls Survived Floods & Injuries to Become South American Futbol Champs

February 19, 2018

TRAILER: 'Muy Excited' Web Series Is a Look at Latinx Life in Gentrifying Austin

February 16, 2018

What It's Like to Star in a Movie About Motherhood When the Director Is Your Ex-Husband

February 15, 2018

Here's What We Know About Gael Garcia Bernal's Second Feature as a Director

February 14, 2018

Valeria Bertuccelli On How the Pink Panther Inspired Her Character in 'La Reina del Miedo'

February 14, 2018

Gina Rodriguez Wants to Make a Pre-Columbian Superhero Movie Set in Latin America

February 13, 2018

In Brazilian Drama 'Rust,' a Teen Girl Spirals After a Video of Her Hook Up Goes Viral

February 9, 2018

Brazilian Actor Rodrigo Santoro on Tackling a Cuban Accent for 'Un Traductor'

February 7, 2018

In Sundance Film 'Tiempo Compartido,' Luis Gerardo Mendez's Family Vacation in Paradise Becomes Hell

February 5, 2018

Carlos Lopez Estrada On The Joy That Comes From Telling Stories About Underrepresented Communities

January 31, 2018

Sundance Award Winner 'Monsters and Men' Is a Complicated Look at Race and Policing in America

January 26, 2018

Black-and-White Drama 'Vazante' Confronts Brazil's Brutal History of Slavery

January 22, 2018

Meet Anthony Gonzalez, the 12-Year-Old Actor In Two Movies Getting Oscar Buzz

January 17, 2018

Laura Mora Turned the Pain From Her Father's Murder Into a Moving Film About the Cycle of Violence

January 5, 2018

These Are the 2018 Nominees for the Only U.S. Awards Recognizing Latin American Cinema