The odds of winning the lottery are incredibly slim, so winning more than once is almost unheard of. But not for Antulio Mazariegos, who has won the lottery several times in the last six months. His lucky streak began in November 2017 when she won $1 million off a scratcher. Since then, the Californian has won a few more times. After his first big win, he won two more times, earning $1,000 and then $600. But his latest win, which took place in April at a Liquor Bank in Van Nuys, is his biggest haul yet. The California Black Premium Scratcher won him $5 million. That brings his wins to more than $6 million.

Mazariegos has played the lottery for more than 13 years. And though he doesn’t have a strategy, according to the Los Angeles Times, he does have his favorite spots.