More than half a year has passed since two devastating earthquakes hit Mexico. Through citizen-led rescue efforts and generous donations, many parts of the country have successfully bounced back since September. But in other places – especially those that didn’t garner as much international and national coverage and received less in monetary contributions – people are still struggling to reach normalcy seven months later. About 500 people from Istmo de Tehuantepec in Oaxaca are traveling to Mexico City in a caravan, which the group has titled Caravana de los Olvidados, to demand that the government properly assess the extent of the damage. Soid Ruiz López, a spokesman for the Coordinadora General de Damnificados, says the government only took into account 8 of the 41 municipalities affected by the earthquakes.

“Juchitán and the communities from the isthmus remain abandoned,” Ruiz López told Cuarta Plana. “Many people are still on the street and in tents. That’s what we came here to demand from the government, for them to keep their word.”

The group  plans to reach Mexico City on April 19. They’re asking for water, blankets, food, toilet paper, and more. Learn how you can support them below.