You can go ahead and cancel all other quinces, because the Olavarria family of Charlotte, North Carolina has already thrown the best quinceañera ever. For their cat Luna.

“We wanted to celebrate her long life properly,” Luna’s owner Brigette Olavarria explained to Buzzfeed about the idea behind the party.

They spent a full week planning the event, complete with cake, decorations, Luna balloons, a guest list, and an ICONIC cat quince dress.

Courtesy of Brigette Olavarria

“My mom found the dress on Amazon,” Angel Olavarria, Brigette’s brother, told The Dodo. “I totally thought my mom was joking when she said she was going to order a dress for her, but my mom never jokes about our pets.”

The party reportedly lasted three hours, and looked more extravagant than some weddings I’ve been to.

We’re still waiting with bated breath for the footage of Luna dancing with her chambelan.

Courtesy of Angel Olavarria.

Courtesy of Angel Olavarria.

H/T The Dodo.