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First Day of Summer Blues

It’s winter in South America but here in North America it’s officially the first day of summer! For most, this translates to hot weather, humid conditions, beach trips, “vamos a la plasha!,” lemonade, and the looked-forward-to opportunity to bare it all and sport that bikini (the way South Beach does every day).

For others, today’s solstice marks a very gloomy day: the 6 month mark to the winter solstice, to be exact. That’s the day the world’s going to end. You know, our compatriots in El Sur declared it epochs ago. I was personally taught by a professor who was more than into Mayan history, culture and language that the encroaching December 21st date marks the end of a cycle in time.

And so another cycle starts. I wouldn’t worry too much about the end of the world. I would choose instead to celebrate the beginning of a new cycle by enjoying the most lively, lovely, dance filled summer everrrrr. Salud!

Oh and by taking a peak in our summer guides NYC, MIA, CHI, LA, SF and making epic plans to party and bullshit.

Leaving on a positive note, with my favorite summer song every verano:

And, also the people–Battles–who ripped off El Guincho’s video: