Bieber has gotten into his fair share of hot water in Latin America over the years. (See: that time he pulled his pants down at Mayan ruins in Tulum, or that time he offended people by donning the Mexican escudo nacional on his crotch).

And let’s not forget the 2013 incident in Buenos Aires, when he allegedly ordered his bodyguards to attack a photographer who was waiting for the singer outside a club. Last year, an Argentine judge issued a warrant for Bieber’s arrest  over this incident – which Bieber maintains is a baseless publicity grab – and yesterday he was indicted. The indictment means Bieber could be arrested on sight if he is spotted in Argentina.

With his Purpose World Tour set to kick off in South America in March, this is mainly bummer news for his Argentinian fans (who are reportedly his biggest market on the continent). According to TMZ, his lawyers plan to appeal the indictment.

In the meantime, no asado and empanadas for you, Biebs.