Following the mass shooting that took place in Las Vegas over the weekend, stories of heroism have emerged. From some using their bodies to shield loved ones, to one man who refused to leave a woman he just met alone, to others transporting victims to the hospital, their stories show that even in the face of tragedy, people will always show the good side of humanity. On Sunday, as Stephen Paddock opened fire on an outdoor concert from his suite, which overlooked the Las Vegas Strip, a team of security guards set out to find his room. An unarmed security guard Jesus Campos was the first to locate Paddock’s room, according to ABC News.

Campos approached the room on his own, radioing his location to the casino dispatch, which then relayed the message to the police. This critical information helped cops find Paddock’s room, the Indepedent Journal Review reports. Paddock, who rigged the cameras on his floor, saw Campos coming. Paddock fired shots through the door and injured Campos’ leg. The hero didn’t go to the hospital immediately. He instead went door to door with officers to clear out guests from the 32nd floor. He eventually went to the hospital, where the bullet remains lodged in his leg.

Looking back at that night, Campos remains humble. “I was just doing my job,” he said. But by putting his life on the line, he saved the lives of so many others. Paddock, who committed suicide, callously killed nearly 60 and injured 500 more. His coworker Lilian Rodríguez started a GoFundMe page as he takes time off to recover, according to Bustle. It has so far raised more than $15,000. Donate here.