Jennifer Lopez has it all, including amicable exes – not only with her, but amongst themselves. This weekend, Casper Smart posted an image of himself alongside JLo’s ex-husband, Marc Anthony. In the caption, Smart wrote, “If you’ve never seen his show, you are really missing out. A truly captivating performer! Thanks for taking care of my people and I, @marcanthony, much appreciated!”

However, if you’ve followed J. Lo, Smart, and Anthony in the past, you may know that these two exes have long been friendly. In 2014, they both attended the preview of Tyga’s store, Last Kings, and it was totally not awkward, according to Casper. “Yeah, we’re buddies,” he said, according to People. “Anything can be awkward if you let it be awkward, but if you don’t, if you rise above it immediately, then it’s not awkward. When there’s kids involved in anything, you can’t let ego or pride or any of that get in the way, because kids are more important than anything.”

In that time, it seems the two have built a friendship, which continues to thrive today.