Earlier this month, Remezcla teamed up with Clamato to throw an LA pool party in tribute to our favorite beer cocktail: the michelada. With origins in the city of San Luís Potosí, the spicy, salty beer concoction has often been dubbed the “Mexican Bloody Mary” – although it is much lighter and more refreshing than its gringo cousin (and better at curing hangovers, too).

In LA, micheladas have basically become a religion – no brunch menu is complete without them. And while they sound relatively simple to make, crafting a perfect michelada is an art. On October 1st, we gathered together a bunch of friends for a lesson in how to master the michelada, and for a day of lounging, eating, and drinking by the pool. Featuring delicious eats, live musical performances by MLKMN, Jesse Baez and Raven Felix, and a Michelada throwdown that pitted two of LA’s leading mixologists against each other in a quest to create the best Clamato Michelada, this was #MicheladaMood.

Watch the recap video and check out some pictures below to see what you missed!




Andres of Soulection






Los Rakas

Los Rakas


Raven Felix

Raven Felix

Jesse Baez.

Jesse Baez.


Andres of Soulection.