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At Remezcla, we take Halloween muy, muy, pero muy en serio, and we’re not letting a hurricane get in the way. We asked readers and fans to leave pics of their Latin Halloween costumes on our wall, to email us at [email protected], or to tweet us at hashtag #RMZHalloween. We’ll be posting more as we get them – keep ’em coming!

@zapoteco131 from Fullerton is the Blue Demon.

@tvirrueta and his lady friend make a charming Chavo del Ocho and Chilindrina

Andres Diaz sent us this picture of his Jesus Costume. We tried to restore it, but we may have made a terrible mistake.


Our friend @jennyleeisme and her hubby are going the artistic route. We love Frida, and we’ve had a few Dalí run-ins this year.

@djdus of Peligrosa All-Stars is reppin’ Machete.

Our designer Katro’s taste for oranges is regular like clockwork.

Me, @BarbotRobot, a few years ago. More like a Día de los Muertos costume than a Halloween costume…


Editorial intern @danieluh had a similar idea.

Remezcla Editor Andrea Gompf (@AndreaGompf ) celebrated Sandy by dressing up as Danny.

Remezcla production wizard and film buff @AngMdza’s authentic Tijuana chihuahua puppy Bodhisattva Mendoza dressed as a luchador.