A monthly recap of Remezcla’s greatest hits. We let you know what you loved in February, but we left out January. To correct this massive injustice, we give you REMEZCLA’S GREATEST HITS – January 2012. It’s the beginning of the end of the world.


05. Highlights from Fidel Castro’s Essay


In January, Fidel Castro said some mean things about America and the Republican presidential field – the news got mad about it but wouldn’t provide anyone with the full link to the letter or any real translation. Remezlca to the remezcue.


04. Texas teen deported to Colombia despite not being Colombian or even Latina


Your righteous anger put this news piece on the list.


03. VIDEO: Spanish Pizza Boomerang Commercial is the Best Thing You’ll See All Week


I actually haven’t stopped laughing about this goddamn video since posting it. A guy gets his penis cut off with a flying pizza. Seriously.


02. Read the Books Arizona Just Banned


You guys really hate Arizona, huh? That’s probably for the best, right now.


01. 11 Latin Movies You Probably Didn’t See Last Year and Should


It seems your hatred of Arizona’s legislature was only surpassed in January by your love of Gael Garcia Bernal’s intense sexy. That’s good, since we at Remezcla are more lovers than fighters, anyway, and we dig all the movies on this list. You should check them out!


See you next month.