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10 Latino Films You Probably Didn’t See in 2012 And Should

Did you know that Latinos go to the movies way more than any other ethnic group? About 25 percent of movie tickets are bought by our hard-earned dollars. And what is it that you guys are watching? Well, according to Hollywood Reporter, “Going to the movies is culturally a family affair, so it follows that family movies, including animated ones, are well-frequented…Hispanics also flock to horror films, or any story with a mystical, demonic or Catholic tinge…” We’re not sure whether to trust Hollywood Reporter or not, but if all you watched this past year were animated and horror Hollywood blockbusters then you missed out on a lot.

In 2012, Latino films played at all the big film festivals — Sundance, Cannes, Berlinale, Tribeca — and won awards at all of them. Estas películas usually go under the radar since you don’t see their trailers on TV (unless they have a gringo big name star… ahem, Casa de mi Padre) but these indies tienen de todo. They are fun, inspiring, hilarious, campy, stirring, thrilling, sensitive, bold, thoughtful, and portray Latinos in an authentic way, far from Hollywood stereotypes. Since we know it’s sometimes hard to make it out to the art house, here is our list of the Top 10 Latino Films of 2012 That You Probably Didn’t See But Should.

*In case you are wondering how we picked the movies, it was a complicated process that is akin to an election in Latin America – back-room deals, bribery, and threats of violence. Eventually, we agreed on a totally unfair system of rating the movies we liked that played in theaters or prestigious film festivals throughout the year and may have won some awards. And before you get all huffy, we chose to include films directed by American-born Latinos, Latin Americans, and by non-Latinos (but on Latino subjects).


Director: Pablo Larraín
Country: Chile, France, USA