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Theater Near You: Eduardo Noriega

Remezcla readers love to take in culture, but don’t always have the cash for tickets. That’s where we come in. A Theater Near You is Remezcla’s guide to awesome Latin movies for the lazy and broke; you can watch these all at home (because sabemos que son flojos).


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Do you ever wonder who the Tom Cruise of Spain, the Brad Pitt of Brazil or the Lindsay Lohan of Mexico are? Well, that last one is easy, Carmen Campuzano, cuz they are both krazy cokeheads. But back to the point, there are people who are huge stars in other countries that we rarely hear about. Some crossover celebrities–Penélope Cruz, Antonio Banderas, Salma Hayek, Javier Bardem–were able to take a successful career at home and turn it into notoriety in the States. Meanwhile, actors like Ricardo Darín and Selton Mello are wildly popular in their home countries but remain virtually unknown in gringolandia.

While writing the last Theater Near You on the Argentinian boy-on-boy heist movie, Plata Quemada, I was reminded of Eduardo Noriega’s tremendous acting abilities. He was the Spanish it boy of the late nineties and early millenium. But lately, he’s been in the “where are they now” category. Having made some films in English, it seems as if he’s attempting a crossover. Last year Noriega was in a straight-to-iTunes western about Butch Cassidy living in Bolivia. And now he is slated to be part of Last Stand, the Kim Ji-woon directed action movie that will be Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to muscle-flexing (thinly veiled as acting.) But, let’s forget about Noriega’s descent into crappy American movies and remember his better days. This week’s Theater Near You is a tribute to Eduardo Noriega and his best performances.

Tesis (Thesis)
Director: Alejandro Amenábar
Country: Spain | 1996 | 125 min
Language: Spanish