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Theater Near You: Gael Garcia Bernal vs. Diego Luna

Remezcla readers love to take in culture, but don’t always have the cash for tickets. That’s where we come in. A Theater Near You is Remezcla’s guide to awesome Latin movies for the lazy and broke; you can watch these all at home (because sabemos que son flojos).


Diego Luna and Gael Garcia Bernal have been BFFs since they were niñitos. Famous for their co-starring breakout roles in Y Tu Mamá También they do everything together–not just acting. They created Ambulante, a documentary film festival that travels to different cities in Mexico, they launched a production company, Canana Films, and even had baby boys a few months apart. ¡No mames! But, even though they are tied at the cintura, they sometimes branch out and do their own stuff. They have acted in some chingón movies together, some just as chido movies apart, and others que no sirven para nada. So here is the good, the bad, and the ugly (ok, neither of them could ever be ugly).


Y Tu Mamá También
Alfonso Cuarón (2001)

This is the movie that started the world’s love affair with Mexico’s most famous acting duo. Young Gael and Diego try to romance a slightly older Spanish woman and take her on a road trip in search of a mostly made up beach called boca del cielo. Along the way they pass police checkpoints, see drug busts and traffic accidents, and drive past shanty towns–you see the real Mexico. It’s beautiful, sometimes violent, many are poor, some really really rich. Filled with the most awkward sex scenes in cinematic history and peppered with Mexi-slang it’s at this point a Mexican classic. Oh, and a drinking game to get super-pedo: every time they say güey take a shot of tequila. You’ll be bien cuete and enjoy it even more.