Much like New Year’s resolutions, no one ever follows through with their Lent proclamations. When was the last time you went to the gym? Seriously. That’s what I thought. But we here at Remezcla are people of integrity and truth (we don’t actually exist, we’re digital folk, we’re in the computer). So we thought, hey, let’s make promises that we’ll most certainly not keep. But let’s do them together! As a familia! And we invite you to do the same and…lent go (we’ll give up puns, we promise).

Write in the comments board below what you plan (realistically or hypothetically) on giving up for these 40 days of faux-religious torture. Our staff has revealed some of theirs (which range in stupidity and narcissism), so join the confession party.

*EDITOR’S NOTE: The images below are not actual pictures of the staff, they’re mere illustrations of what our faces would look like if we did indeed exist in the non-digital realm. A rather attractive bunch, I’d say.


paola capó-garcía

[managing editor]

I will give up nothing, because I have no faults. No. Really. I don’t.


[graphic guru]

That is against my beliefs, I’m a Hedonist…creo en el placer!

matt barbot

[events editor]

I’m giving up Charlie Sheen coverage for Lent. I don’t need it. I’ve cured my addiction to it with my mind. BOOM! WINNING!

joel moya


Hypothetically, I’d give up eating empanadas past 11 p.m. I’m to the point that every time I go to the empanada place I feel like I’m part of a club because I know the regulars.

andrew herrera


No F-bombs or Spanish translations of them—wow, not sure about this. I have very few vices, but in the pursuit of holiness I guess I can do it.

tanya bravo


Checking my e-mail on the weekends!!! Because weekends are made for fun and to relax. Work can wait till Monday. Andrew, don’t hate me 🙂

maría laboy

[office coordinator]

When I was a kid/teenager I gave up white rice, for the whole 40 days. Yup. I think I actually repeated it two years in a row or so…crazy.

ricky vegas


I’m going to stop eating chocolates for 40 days. Or I will stop playing video games. Or I will stop listening to my iPod on the subway (eso es un sufrimiento con tanto loco en NYC).

juan data

[staff writer]

During the 40 days I was gonna go without watching porn, but then I realized how unrealistic that would be. So: I will not browse the Facebook photo albums of my exes, I’ll try not to get naked in public (wait, lent ends before Bay To Breakers, right?), I’ll not waste time envying my school mates who “made it,” I’ll not play cheesy cumbias on my DJ sets (just kidding, I totally will), I’ll not put my Skype status on “invisible” mode when my mom logs in, and I will not attempt to rap (out of the shower).

adriana gallardo

[staff writer]

My only one is giving up my crush’s FB page. For one, I get nothing out of it because he’s not big on venting on the wall, but mostly based on the concern that one day he’s going to click on the “Who is your biggest fan?” application and I will seem like a total creep.

araceli cruz

[contributing writer]

Perhaps it was because fast food was forbidden in our household that fries became a tasteful taboo, that even gets me hot and bothered to this day (sort of sad, I know). I don’t indulge in fries that often, but when I do, I go to town. Fries are my crack. I understand that now. So from now until Easter, I shall say no to fries! No to all things potato! God help me!!

estefanía rodríguez

[editorial intern]

Whatever people decide to give up for lent has to be something they use/consume daily, if not frequently. I’m always drinking juice and soda because I hate water, so this year I’ll give up any kind of beverage that is not water (juice/soda, this excludes alcohol, it’s still okay to have that).

david serrano

[design intern]

Dejaré de ir al Subway durante los 40 días.