As 2017 wraps up, Time is gearing up to release its Person of the Year issue – something the publication has done since 1927. Each year, the magazine decides what person has “had the most influence over the news in the last 12 months.” And while that definition may make President Donald Trump the most obvious choice, Time is asking people to weigh in on who they believe deserves the title. Some of the top contenders include the #MeToo hashtag that many have used to report instances of sexual abuse and harassment, Taylor Swift, and Carmen Yulín Cruz – the San Juan mayor who has relentlessly fought for the people of Puerto Rico since Hurricane Maria devastated the island.

As Time narrows down its choices, people are pushing for Cruz to take the title. Cruz, who waded through knee-deep water and called out the federal government for its lack of inaction, was heavily criticized by Trump. Regardless of Trump’s attacks, she’s remained an unwavering voice for the people of Puerto Rico.

Though Time will ultimately choose who lands on the cover, the poll gives them an idea of who readers’ feel made the most impact. As the December 3 voting deadline nears, here’s why people believe Cruz should be this year’s Person of the Year:

Time will reveal the Person of the Year on December 6, 2017.