The 2017 T-Mobile Home Run Derby – the highlight of the MLB All-Star Game festivities – took place on Monday night. And while Aaron Judge walked away as the night’s winner, it’s Pitbull who some can’t stop talking about. With the event taking place at Marlins Park, Pitbull was naturally called on to perform.

The 305-loving rapper wore his tightest, whitest pants for the occasion. He also tucked his equally tight National League jersey into his pants. And just like that, he became a trending topic and Twitter Moment. But we have to give him credit: Pitbull confidently wears whatever he wants regardless of what people think. Or maybe he was just trying to look his as formal as possible at the home of the Marlins, as he may become a part owner of the team. Regardless, here are the funniest tweets about his Home Run Derby ensemble: