We’re not sure if we should feel sorry for Kevin Brophy, the man who told TMZ on Thursday that Cardi B did not have his authorization to use an image of his tattoos for the iconic cover of her first mixtape Gangsta Bitch Music Vol. 1, the foreground of which is the burly back of a man performing cunnilingus on the New York rapper. Not because he was immortalized in a hip-hop work of art and portrayed in the middle of making love with a legend — because, goals. But because it might not even have been him.

Hours after Brophy’s TMZ info drop (in which he implied he would be suing Cardi for “at least $5 million, according to the gossip lords), a man who claims to be an actual model from GBM Vol. 1 shoot checked in. Brandon Walczak, also known as Toronto social media personality @the6atsix, shared a photo of him cuddling with Cardi in similar lighting and the same top over at The Shade Room. In the video, Walczak has some questions for Brophy. “OK, like who are you? Who are you, though? Who are you, pretending to be me trying to sue Cardi B?”

Neither of the men have produced photos of their backs, which seems like the easy way of settling the issue. But anyway, this is fun.