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Salamanca Diaries: 5 Artists to Make You Rethink Spanish Rap + Why You Should Never Date Un Rapero

Remezcla blogger Juliana Nalerio recounts news and adventures from Salamanca, Spain while drinking too much caña, going to class, writing a thesis on latin life stateside, and just trying to make sense of it all.

Let me explain. You should never date un rapero de España, because it will end in gilipolleces. Here in Spainel rapero” is a pretty developed stereotype based on some shared characteristics: big egos, skillful verbage, baggy pants and t-shirts, still thinking Tupac is the best thing that ever happened to music, except for Eminem, and being overly sincere when claiming to have a lot to say. For a sarcastic yet clear image of “the rapero,” I refer you to Spanish MC Revolver’s Soy Rapero below: