Remezcla blogger Juliana Nalerio recounts news and adventures from Salamanca, Spain while drinking too much caña, going to class, writing a thesis on latin life stateside, and just trying to make sense of it all.

Let me explain. You should never date un rapero de España, because it will end in gilipolleces. Here in Spainel rapero” is a pretty developed stereotype based on some shared characteristics: big egos, skillful verbage, baggy pants and t-shirts, still thinking Tupac is the best thing that ever happened to music, except for Eminem, and being overly sincere when claiming to have a lot to say. For a sarcastic yet clear image of “the rapero,” I refer you to Spanish MC Revolver’s Soy Rapero below:

Unfortunately, most of the stereotype is at least sometimes true. I should know. Estaba saliendo con un tipo… Remember A. from my first post back in October? And it ended with him writing a terribly machista song full of gilipolleces (bullshit) about me on his new album out last month. Here it is:

¡¡Fuck you puta!! Guess he couldn’t think of anything more original to say–some people live to affirm stereotypes, it’s really a tragedy of the commons.

Not surprisingly, A.’s songs are typically a little horteras (tacky). Lucky for him his friend Escualo keeps their crew afloat with his hyped up energy and grande stage presence.

Their DJ–Chiky High–is pretty cool as well. He tends to spin a lot of electro, old skool hip hop, some Flamenco Chill and dubstep. I wanted to introduce him to Remezcla in a post, but he refused after ‘the separation.’ It’s lame. They can be very, hmm, what’s the word…cliquey.

However, some of the hip hop / rap aesthetic in Spain is pretty frick’n awesome–though unfortunately that’s not the case in the only song that will ever be written about me–so don’t get it twisted.

Here are 5 Spanish rap songs to make you rethink Spain’s urban music scene:


1. Los Españoles love Nach who raps through each vowel in this super famous song that I think is a’right:


2. This Old School Madrileño hip hop disses pijo (preppy) style:


3. In an oddly conservative move the rapero Toteking declares that he wants you to shut off las redes sociales:


4. Some Spanish rappers are actually brown and smart, and like to use condoms:


5. This handicapped rapper is DA BEST, seriously inclusive:


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