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It’s National Merengue Day. Here Is Our Merengue Dancers On YouTube Hall of Fame.

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There are two kinds of people in this world: people who love holidays and people who suck. My allegiances are pretty clear, given that I’m already planning next year’s Halloween costume and have been listening to Christmas carols since October. SORRY FOR PARTYING.

Anyway, today is National Merengue Day in the Dominican Republic and attention must be paid.

In DR, the day was celebrated with the addition of merengue greats Ramón Orlando, Dioni Fernández and Radhamés Reyes Alfau to the Minister of Culture’s permanent Galería del Merengue exhibit in the main hall of Dirección Nacional del Folklore (DINAFOLK).

While honoring legendary musicians is a great and all, here at Remezcla we’d like to celebrate the every day citizens who bring the spirit of merengue alive. The people so moved (literally) by the güira, that they just had to upload YouTube videos of themselves dancing.  And so we give you, Remezcla’s YouTube Galería del Merengue: