Welcome to GAZI established A.CHAL (aka Alejandro Chal) as the LA breakdown prince, an artist who seems to have found inspiration for dark, space-age R&B at what some would call the bottom of the barrel. His new video for “To The Light” — the first track he’s released post GAZI, a cleansing, urgent tale of enlightenment — holds true to form. The video gives us documentation of a playboy’s gonzo trip south, another wild ride that culminates in divine, fiery inspiration.

The clip features a frenzied scene in a hotel room, floral offerings, a desert awakening, and a haunting encounter with La Virgen, at times a good indicator that artists are finding ways to rework their Latinx roots. That could be the case here — as the Peruvian-born Chal recently told Billboard:

“I got a glimpse of my Latin fanbase when I started doing shows, which is something that I’m still fairly new at. But that’s when I got inspiration and motivation to do something for them because they are such heavy supporters. But I don’t just think about them. I don’t think about any race when I create. I just think about people who are going through something that maybe I’m going through.”

Watch the clip above.