For over a decade, Marcelo Baez and Hector Arce-Espasas have been making nightlife spaces that promote old, new, and ignored Spanish-sung pop, rock, indie, and tropical music. Their parties have taken various iterations – there was Nacotheque, D’Marquesina, and more recently the joining of forces that is Rico Suave vs D’Marquesina – but what they all share in common is that everyone, from any creed and self-identity, is welcomed.

Hector Arce-Espasas and Marcelo Baez. Photo: Pedro Rodrigo Gonzalez

This April 1, Rico Suave vs D’Marquesina returns to its new(ish) venue Open House, and to get you pumped up for el pari Baez made us an eclectic playlist that includes tracks from Dënver to Ivy Queen to Olga Tañón, and everything in between. Hit play to get ready for the weekend, and first two people to comment in this post can win free entry and 2 drink tickets.