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Video: Jus Tess – "Got Me Online" Ft. D-Wiz

It does not happen as often as you might think–stumbling across completely new and unknown artists you feel are a diamond in the rough. San Francisco's Jus Tess is one of them. …
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Q&A: Domino Saints, "Go Hard or Go Home"

It must be pretty cool to be Domino Saints. The Boricua urban-pop duo is a force to be reckoned with. Formed in 2007, the husband and wife team has achieved what tons …
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Profile: Lalo Yunda – Latino Ink Master

Speaking to New York-based tattoo artist and musician, Lalo Yunda, we confirm that music and tattoos go hand in hand --they're part of the same subculture than they ever were, especially in Latin …
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In 1942, Disney Made a Latin Movie to Fight Nazis

Twitter: @BarbotRobot Despite a really wonderful Hispanic collaboration with painter Salvador Dalí, we all know that Walt Disney's relationships with/opinions of people different than himself is notoriously sketchy, which is sad considering how …
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Free Download: Diego García – "Laura" (Spanish Demo)

Argentinian-American singer/songwriter Diego García experienced an amazing dose of success with his indie rock band Elefant in the early millennium. Today, Diego García is a nostalgic troubadour who is releasing an exclusive track, …
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Video Première: Madame Récamier – "Quiero"

Never in my life did I ever think I'd jealous of an inanimate object but, here I am, wishing I were the stop-motion skeleton who co-stars with Mexican pop-dream-folk artist Madame Récamier in her new video. The …
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