Brazilian MMA stalwart Amanda Nunes might be most famous for rearranging Ronda Rousey’s face back in December, but the 29-year-old is one of UFC’s best and brightest. On Saturday, Nunes will fight at UFC 213, defending her bantamweight title in a rematch with Valentina Shevchenko at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas–Nunes won the first matchup back in March 2016 by unanimous decision.

In the run-up to the fight, the one known as the Lioness has been answering questions, mostly about Rousey but also motherhood, both her own and her mother’s. Speaking with USA Today, Nunes discussed that she and her partner, fellow UFC brawler Nina Ansaroff, are looking to have a baby in the near future: ”

Specifically, Ansaroff will carry the baby for the couple, who have been together since 2012; she was supposed to have started the process this year, but a January win delayed their plans. ““Actually this year I was supposed to have the kid,” Ansaroff said to USA Today. “That’s what we planned. It was depending on my last fight. But I won. I’ve got a run (going). I’m going to take that run and go and be realistic. We want to get married and have kids, but in the right time period.”

Nunes, who became the company’s first openly-gay champion with her star-making defeat of Misha Tate at UFC 200, also shared with journalists–as reported by Yahoo Esportesher joy at the fact that her mother flew into Vegas this week to catch her fight; the first time the elder Nunes had traveled to the United States for one of her daughter’s fights. “My mother has always been a force to me,” said Nunes. “She was always vibrant, and she was always with me in spirit. She has this passion and energy. I’m happy she’s here with me.”

UFC 2013 emanates from Las Vegas on Saturday, July 8, starting at 10PM Eastern.