It looks Anderson Varejão has finally answered the question bouncing around the internet ever since the Cleveland Cavaliers won the NBA Finals last month: does he get an NBA finals ring or nah?

The first player to ever compete with both NBA finals-bound teams in the same season, Varejão played for the Cavaliers from 2004 all the way until he was traded to the Portland Trail Blazers, who released him in February. He signed with the Golden State Warriors after clearing waivers.

Apparently, the Cavs are allowed to vote for their former teammate to receive a ring, but even if they did it sounds like he’s not having it – at least, according to Fox NBA analyst Sam Amico:

It makes sense that the Brazilian player would opt out of the hardware to show respect to his current team – after all, he just resigned to the Warriors for one more year on Sunday. And considering the end of Lil B’s curse Kevin Durant’s recent move over to Golden State, the likelihood that Varejão will have a chance to win a ring next season are looking prettyyyyy high.