Javier Hernández’s wonderful February has turned into a dreadful April, and we’re only three days into the month.

The Mexico and Bayer Leverkusen striker’s problems started on the field, as he was forced to miss out on his club’s match against Hamburg on Sunday due to a muscular problem. Not that the German squad missed out on much; since winning the Bundesliga Player of the Month award for February, Hernández has gone scoreless in German league play, with his only goal of the month coming while on duty with Mexico against Costa Rica.

There’s no timetable for his return from injury, but Leverkusen’s current standing in the league (11th, not high enough to compete for anything of signifance but not low enough to be relegation fodder) makes a cautious approach more likely.

Chicharito’s problems didn’t end there, however; on Sunday, actress Camila Sodi confirmed to Vanity Fair that the burgeoning relationship with the Mexican striker had come to a close.

Sodi says that the combination of long-distance and increased vitriol towards the couple put too much strain on the couple, as they just started dating in February. But, given the dicey circustmances surrounding them getting together (it was rumored, and accepted as fact, that Chicharito had left his fiancée, Lucía Villalón, for Sodi), the abuse they received over the relationship was not worth it. “We received a lot of scorn, a lot of things on top of something very beautiful. Very ugly things that had nothing to do with us,” said Sodi. “Right now there was a lot of scorn in social networks, with football fans saying horrible things, like ‘she’s used up, she already has children’.”

On the field, or off of it, it’s safe to say that Chicharito could be having a better time right now.