Carmelo Anthony is not having a good month. Just days after Knicks president of basketball operations Phil Jackson put him on blast, news leaked out that Melo and his wife of seven years, La La Vázquez, have separated. The pair had been together since 2004, getting engaged in 2007, and married in 2010 in a wedding covered by the VH1 reality show La La’s Full Court Wedding. They have a 10-year-old son, Kiyan Carmelo Anthony.

TMZ came through with the initial news on the split on Monday, but TMZ Sports dropped the bombshell on Tuesday. Among other things–including his team being terrible–the main reason for the split is Melo’s wandering eye: reportedly, the Knicks star messed around and got a gentlemen’s club dancer pregnant a half year ago. The rumor hotbed is also reporting that there is “virtually zero chance” of reconciliation following the infidelity. #StayMe7o indeed.

Predictably, Twitter had a field day with Melo, who has become something of a punching bag during his Knicks tenure for both his inability to win anything of importance and his continuing commitment to not passing the basketball. In honor of New York’s #7 (for now, anyway), here are the 7 most ruthless tweets about Melodrama 2K17.


@NuffSaidNY is out here reminding us all what is truly important, though: