In this era of phone hacks, leaked photos, and invasions of privacy, all it takes is one  to have the world see your most intimate moments. Case in point: this week, three videos surfaced online of Chivas captain and former El Tri international Carlos Salcido masturbating for the world to see. The videos were first posted by the Twitter account @ladragss and spread like wildfire from there. The original videos have since been taken down and the account has been suspended but the damage is done.

These days, all people need is a few seconds, and content can be saved and shared by thousands. Other accounts have already began reposting the NSFW videos and it’s likely that they will never really be deleted from the internet. Of course, this is not Salcido’s first bout with a scandal of a sexual nature: in 2011, images leaked online of the Mexican defender at a party with a transgender woman, causing a stir in conservative Mexican media. The woman in question, 24-year-old Yamille Herrera, claimed to have engaged in sexual activity with Salcido.

The new videos, however, carry with them an invasion of privacy that’s unlike the previous scandal, which occurred at a public space. While there hasn’t been any word about the source of the videos–whether they were hacked off of Salcido’s phone or whether they were accidentally leaked–one thing is sure: Salcido certainly didn’t intend for these to see the light of day.

The 37-year-old footballer has declined to make any statements about the leaked videos.