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Their Rights Are Under Threat in Bolsonaro's Government. Here's What They Say Is Next for Brazil

Brazil's First-Ever Indigenous Congresswoman, Joênia Wapichana, is Warrior for Indigenous Rights

Meet Érica Malunguinho, the Afro-Brazilian & Trans Politician Who Just Made History

What You Should Know Before One of Brazil's Most Important & Polarizing Presidential Elections

Noam Chomsky on Lula: He Is "Kept in Isolation So That the 'Soft Coup' in Brazil Can Proceed"

Don't Ever Mispronounce This Portuguese Word at a Brazilian Bakery or You'll Be Asking for Penis

The Story of Luzia, the Oldest Human Skull Found in the Americas

Students Are Collecting Images to Digitally Preserve Brazil's Museu Nacional After Tragic Fire

Everything We Know About the Devastating Fire Inside Brazil’s National Museum

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