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The Bizarre Meeting Between Fidel Castro and Supermodels Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell

How 1983's 'Scarface' Transformed the Way Cubans Were Perceived in the US

For the First Time Ever, Cubans Will Be Able to Watch the World Series (Almost) Live

TRAILER: The 'Buena Vista Social Club' Sequel Finally Has a Release Date

5 Things We Learned From the Elián González Doc, Almost 20 Years After His Story Captured the Nation

Patricia Ramos' Film 'El Techo' Is a Humorous Look at Life in Cuba, Set on Havana's Rooftops

These Stunning Color Photos From 1950s Cuba Show a Society on the Verge of Transformation

White Sox Player José Abreu Testifies That He Ate Fake Passport As Part of Being Smuggled Into the US

Meet Leo Canosa, Founder of Cuba’s First (Sort of) Legal Tattoo Studio La Marca

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