FREE Halloween / Day of the Dead Mixtape by Meketrefe

Mexico via Brooklyn's Meketrefe brings us an exclusive FREE Day of the Dead (Remezcla NY Edition) for your Halloween nightmares. Starting off with a "big bad wolf"-esque howling beat, the mix quickly …
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The Top 5 Most Horrifying Hispanics

Mexican Vampire Lady Halloween is the one night a year when it's socially sanctioned to horrify people with the scariest/creepiest/grossest/goriest costumes you can come up with. There are, however, those for whom Halloween is just …
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Mexican Vampire Lady

The Top 5 Latino Horror Legends & Monsters

gifcover In true Latin Alternative style, this Halloween Remezcla is celebrating the more obscure legends & monsters used by parents throughout Latin America to scare young boys and girls -  and also twenty-somethings. I'm …
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DIY Halloween: Five Costume Ideas for 2012

When it comes to Halloween costumes, there are two unforgivable moves: 1. Going as a "sexy ______." (i.e. Sexy Bunny, Sexy Cat, Sexy Police Officer, Sexy Haunted Rave Franken Bride). 2. Buying one of …
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