The Cast/Crew of "I Hate Fucking Mexicans" Don't

Twitter: @BarbotRobot Full disclosure: I'm a member of the Bats, the Flea Theater's resident acting company. In fact, that's how I Hate Fucking Mexicans came to my attention - then again, that title's just screaming for it. Censored …
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My favorite gifts from CafePress' Anti-Mexican Store

@BarbotRobot Cafe Press is the internet's premiere place to upload poorly made designs and have them cheaply printed on t-shirts, mousepads, bumper stickers, and more to be ordered by anyone you want. Like …
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Read the Books Arizona Just Banned

Of all days, Arizona chose Martin Luther King Jr. Day to break the news that its war on Mexican-American studies courses - which the government has decided catered exclusively to Mexican students …
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