Artwork Featuring Maluma Is Going on Sale To Benefit the Environmental Reconstruction of Colombia

Lead Photo: Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
Art by Stephany Torres for Remezcla
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Reggaeton singer Maluma and fellow Colombian, visual artist Federico Uribe, collaborated on a new art exhibition for the recent release of Maluma’s sixth studio album, 7DJ (Siete Dias en Jamaica)(Seven Days in Jamaica).

Some of the work will be on sale at the end of the month and proceeds will go to the environmental reconstruction of Colombia through Maluma’s foundation, El Arte De Los Sueños. The ecological focus is exactly what initially drew Maluma to Uribe’s work, which uses recycled materials to create sculptures and portraits. Uribe also created the cover for the 7DJ album, which Maluma released on his 27th birthday late last month.

“We had this beautiful idea of making the whole thing, the Jamaican vibe, here in Miami,” Maluma says in a video produced by Adelson Galleries about the exhibition. “It’s been such an amazing journey working with Federico and being part of the project.”

In a statement through Sony Music Latin, Maluma says the time he spent in Jamaica included a lot of soul-searching and deciding if he wanted to even continue his career as a musician.

“Those seven days in Jamaica came at a time when I needed to escape and decompress,” he says. “I came back a different person, completely inspired and having realized that music is not just what I do, it’s part of who I am; how I experience and interpret life.”

Uribe says through his artwork, he can make statements about the importance of protecting the environment. He considers himself a “romantic” when it comes to Mother Nature.

“I have this connection with the sounds of nature…[and] with the beauty of it,” Uribe says. “I have this hope that all these subjects that I make, that are from nature, have an echo of life.”