A Comic Book Featuring a Gang of Vampire Cholas? — Yes, Please

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Execution Posse/Gershon Villamor
Courtesy of Execution Posse/Gershon Villamor
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East Los Angeles-based Chicana writer and comic book creator Kayden Phoenix has teamed up with fellow comic book creator Sean E. Demott on a new project.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Demott, who is the co-creator of the vampire comic Night of the Cadillacs, collaborated with Phoenix on Lip Stick Cliqa, a three-part, spin-off series that follows a gang of vampire cholas at the center of a turf war. Phoenix wrote all three issues.

“They had a clear vision of the Lip Stick Cliqa and fully supported me in honoring my Chicana culture,” Phoenix told THR.

“Welcome to the club,” she wrote on Instagram alongside a screenshot of the THR article.

Demott met Phoenix at a comic book shop in the San Fernando Valley where Phoenix was in the middle of an autograph session for her A la Brava graphic novel series about an all-Latina superhero team. He had randomly walked into the store to see if it carried Night of the Cadillacs and was immediately impressed by Phoenix’s work.

“I was like, ‘Who are you and what are these cool books you’ve created?’” Demott told THR. “I spent a few months pitching her our crazy project, and we were fortunate enough to collaborate with her.”

Featuring art by Gershon Villamor, Lip Stick Cliqa is slated to hit comic book shops sometime this summer.

“This was a perfect project to follow up on after A La Brava because it was an opportunity to uphold my cultural traditions – and show street culture authentically – through a new genre that I haven’t explored before,” Kayden Phoenix said.