This Exhibition in Dallas Features Lesser Known Art From Frida Kahlo

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There isn’t much left to discover about Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Known mostly for her self portraits as an artist, accident as a child, and marriage-then-divorce and remarriage-to fellow painter Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo has been part of Mexican culture since she began painting in the 1920s. Over 200 total paintings hold her credit and span all over her adult life.

Her most known work includes self portraits that have long been admired all over the globe. Art critics and historians marvel at what they describe is the pain and suffering Kahlo endured during her life. We also know for the signature, single eyebrow and what’s depicted of her live in the movie Frida starring Selma Hayak.

Now, some of her lesser known work is on display in Dallas. On loan from a private collection, the pieces make up the exhibition “Frida Kahlo: Five Works.” The still life pieces were favored by Frida as they were easier to do and reportedly sold well according to the exhibitions curator Mark Castro. The work depicts elements that Frida loved so much-fruit, animals, Mexico, and Diego.

The exhibition includes a drawing and a framed painting of her and her love Diego. Kahlo painted a side-by-side piece that was half Diego, half her. She framed it with shells and added 1929 and 1944 to the top of the piece. These were the years of both her marriages to Rivera.

The exhibition is free and can be visited at the Dallas Museum of Art. All pieces are on display now through June 20, 2021.