This Jewelry Artist’s Earrings Ended Up on Beyoncé’s Ears in Teaser for ‘Renaissance’ Visual Album

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Youtube/beyonceVEVO
Courtesy of Youtube/beyonceVEVO
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Contemporary jewelry artist Georgina Treviño can add Beyoncé to her list of famous customers.

The San Diego-based maker, who has created pieces for musicians like Lady Gaga, Bad Bunny, and Rosalia, recently saw that a pair of earrings she designed were on the ears of global superstar Beyoncé during the teaser trailer “I’m That Girl” that gave brief glimpses of the rest of her visual album for Renaissance.

In the teaser, Beyoncé shows off her eclectic fashion style with a chrome body suit, fishnet stockings, black leather corset, and other outfits. For a split second at the 40-second mark of the video, Treviño’s earrings get some screen time.

“OMGA!!!!!” wrote Treviño, who is originally from Tijuana, Mexico. “Look who is on the teaser. From my studio to the queen!!!!!! I can die now. Yours truly.”

The large earrings that Treviño designed feature the name “Ms Honey” in a gold-plated cursive font and laid on top of a larger gold portion of the base. There are also shiny gems dangling from the base of the earrings that resemble a crown. The “Ms Honey” moniker makes sense since Beyoncé is also known as “Queen B.”

There might, however, be another reason for the “Ms Honey” earrings. In another look that Beyoncé shows off in the teaser, she is sporting emerald hair and silver lipstick that resembles the style of late drag queen Moi Renee. On the track “Pure/Honey” from Renaissance, Beyoncé samples Moi Renee’s 1992 song “Miss Honey.”

Swing by Treviño’s official website to see some of her other designs.