You Can Now Shop Glow Recipe in Mexico & These Latin American Countries

Lead Photo: Courtesy of Glow Recipe.
Courtesy of Glow Recipe.

Mexico is the latest destination for Glow Recipe, as the adored, viral skin-care brand debuted in the country at 38 Sephora doors last month. The brand launched exclusively on the Sephora App on February 28, on Mexico’s Sephora website on March 1, and in-store on March 13, making it now available all-around for Mexican consumers.

Residents of Mexico can explore Glow Recipe’s full 26-product lineup in-store, opening doors for a broader audience for the brand in another part of the world. In anticipation of Glow Recipe’s debut at the Sephora location in Antara, Mexico, the store had a complete makeover… or should we say, a facial? Glow Recipe curated a visual journey from the entrance directly to the brand’s display. From the captivating visuals on the windows to the inviting displays on the stairs, walls, and even makeup stations, you could tell Glow Recipe made quite the entrance, screaming, “¡Estoy aquí! ¡Estoy aquí!” to the community.

The displays highlighted some of their best-selling products, including the Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops and PHA + BHA Pore Tight Toner.

Courtesy of Glow Recipe.
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The brand also entered new markets in Colombia and Chile with 16 and 12 respective Blush-Bar locations, a prestige beauty retailer based in the Latin American countries of Colombia, Chile, and Mexico.

“North America is our strongest market, but our international markets are now growing a combined 85 percent year-over-year,” co-founder Sarah Lee told WWD. “That’s more than double the growth rate of North America and an incredible set given the size of our business now. It feels like Europe and Latin America are coming together at the same time, but this is a culmination of years taking our time to instill brand values.”

It’ll be exciting to see where Glow Recipe expands next within Latin America, but they’re off to a strong start with the number of stores they’re already in for this market.