Latinas Are Taking on This Viral Makeup Trend — & You Have To See It

Lead Photo: Photo by Suppasit Chukittikun via Getty Images
Photo by Suppasit Chukittikun via Getty Images
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A viral makeup trend dubbed “Asoka” has been all over TikTok, with clips showcasing a seamless synchronization of makeup, music, and culturally inspired looks that have creators jumping on board to create their own version of the Bollywood trend. Mexican content creator Doris Jocelyn is one of the standout creators who has amassed widespread virality for her Mexican take on the Asoka trend. 

The 1-minute video begins with Jocelyn in a traditional charro outfit playing the guitar to “Cancion del Mariachi” before raising her hands to seamlessly transition into several characters in quick time: a luchadora, troquera, and a vaquera with a loteria apron. The video continues with Jocelyn transitioning into several more Mexican-inspired personalities and touching on cultural trademarks such as the 2022 Adidas Jersey, Frida Kahlo, and the Virgen de Guadalupe. Each transition is accompanied by a corresponding makeup application in an Aztec tribal design before the grand finale of an Aztec cosplay is revealed. 


🇲🇽MÉXICO, HAZ LO TUYO! Y que todo el mundo te vea ✨❤️‍🔥 #TRENDMEXA #transiciones #princesaazteca

♬ sonido original – DorisJocelyn🦩

The video was released on Monday (5/20) and has garnered over 18.6 million likes. Users are responding to the masterpiece and joining in on the cultural pride. “This makes me proud to be Mexican,” commented one user, while another account chimed in, “This is a true cinematic masterpiece.”

The Asoka trend is derived from a 2001 Bollywood film titled “Asoka.” One of the songs in the movie, “San Sanana,” is the song used in the trending video. The trend was originally sparked by Southeast Asian creator Sita Suwarnadwipa, who showcases several bridal-inspired hair and makeup looks in one sweeping motion.


Ngabuburit bareng @aidafitrizahra 🔥🔥 makeup by me @suwarnadwipa.mua Ib : @ibra #muatanggamus #fyp #explore #transisimakeup #bollywood

♬ suara asli – Sita Suwarnadwipa – Sita Suwarnadwipa

Other Latine-inspired videos — from Brazil to Venezuela — responding to the trend are also amassing virality. They feature unique transitions, traditional songs, and costumes inspired by the distinctive #Asoka trend. 


Asoka makeup 🇮🇳 Versão Brasil 🇧🇷❤️ Gostaram ? #asokamakeup #indiamakeup #makeuptransformation India Makeup Ib: @ibra

♬ suara asli – Sita Suwarnadwipa – Sita Suwarnadwipa


Les dejo mi Versión 2 del Asoka 🇬🇹❤️🇮🇳 #IndianBridalMakeup 2 días de producción que disfruté demasiado. Ahora si con un maquillaje de mi Hermana @Mishy y para mí esta vez el reto fué hacer yo misma el traje (no tengo máquina de coser asi que lo hice a mano) y a mi estilo le agregué un toque de mi país Guatemala 🇬🇹 ❤️ Lo quise hacer completamente diferente al anterior, tanto en maquillaje y vestuario. Fueron casi 16 horas de grabación, más el día anterior de ver detalles de vestuario y el día de edición. Cuidé mucho más los detalles de las transiciones y la verdad Amé el resultado. ❤️ #Asoka #AsokaMakeup #AsokaTrend

♬ original sound – jharna bhagwani – jharna bhagwani