10 Cool Apps For Latinos

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Your phone screen is already filled with colorful icons, but you still want more. :] See the top 10 apps for your iPhone or iPad, Latino style below. Then when you’re done taking it all in, leave some suggestions for what we at Remezcla might have left out. Think you know a better app? I bet not.

1. Quado Mexican Train Dominoes

Play dominoes like you’re posted up out front your aunt’s apartment in Spanish Harlem except online. Free.

2. Mexican Food

The Mexican Food app will help you eat your way to obesity: learn the ingredients of every burrito, navigate to nearby Taquerías and easily save the phone number address title & website to your address book for future late night snacking and 4/20 munchies.

Okay, so you decided you want to lose some pounds this Spring and you still want to enjoy your daily burrito addiction. This is your app: Raw Food Chef Pro Mexican. Had to give a shout out to this healthy and unusual app. Chido.

4. Rebtel: Free and Cheap International Calls & SMS

Those long distance calls back to Cuba/Mexico/PR/Colombia really add up. But you have gotta chat with your peeps back home. So download this app and get them to too and call for free or cheap from your cell.

5. Porteño Spanish – Learn Argentine Slang

We love the Argentinean accent and well the slang is fun too, so learn some new words to show off to your friends and make conversations a little more interesting. Barbaro.

6. Octavio Paz – Blanco

This is one of the most popular free apps in Mexico… poetry? Who knew? But, yeah Mexican Poet Laureate Octavio Paz is featured on this super cool and well designed app making waves in DF.

7. Mural Graffiti

A cool app showcasing some Mexican Graffiti. Props.

8. Recoleta Cemetery

You never know when you’ll need this one. Recoleta Cemetery is the eternal home to loads of famous Porteños who have crossed over and now it’s easy to navigate it on your own with this app.

9. Mexican Slang

Want to brush up on your Mexican slang? We doubt this app can keep up but supposedly they have the most frequently used 400 words that you won’t want to use when talking with your Mama. Not bad.

10. 3D Sex Positions free – Stereogram Kamasutra

We Latinos love to get it on, ya know,  joder. And we’re pretty good at what we do. So not that you need help or anything but this app is in 3D and might be good for getting a couple of new ideas to use late night.

That completes our top 10 latin apps list. Think you know of a better one? Have a favorite? We want to know! Tell us below.