10 Latin Tribal Fashion Trends Among Whiteys | Men + Women | Summer

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Yes, I said whiteys. Anyway, have you spotted these fashion trends among gringos? They’re taking over. Aztec prints. Day of the dead skulls. Bright contrasting colors. Mex tex print. South of the border textiles. Mayan motifs. If you’ve wondered how appropriation of culture happens, look around. If you already noticed it, nearly bought in, and ended up thinking….shut the fuck up, this stuff can’t be that expensive?! You are not alone.

If you are so blind as to not of noticed the trend yet, well you’re in luck. Here we’ve got an overview of various late spring and early summer cantina colored clothes. I’m on the fence about: do we love it or hate it? You decide.

1. ASOS calls it “Mexican Rave”

Thanks for the nod, white girls. As you swipe my culture’s history for your Spring tee.

2. Opening Ceremony “Mexican Blanket”

This button down is almost something I’d buy my hipster boyfriend. But, it’s $620. WTF!! I’d rather get a blanket from mi tía and make one for less than $10.

3. American ArchiveFloral Oaxacan Hippie Boho         festival tent Mini Dress”

Is nothing sacred?

4. American Apparel “Vintage Mexican Hat Dance Scarf”

On sale no less?!

5. Mundo Unico “El Sarape Brief”

Alright, I can’t help but like the Aztec packaging on this one, jaja.

6.  Topshop “Aztec Bandeau”

Well, this is cute. But, it’s only half a shirt for $20. Pretty sure my abuela Beba would never allow it.

7. Urban Outfitters Blanket Series

Why yes you can be in a blanket all day!

8. H&M “Tribal Fashion Against Aids” Spring Collection

Fashion Against Aids goes tribal…is this some kind of a joke. It’s not funny to make fun of poor people.

9. Brave N Krazy Blanket Bathing Suit

We might event think this rockabilly-esque blanket bathing suit were cool – but the frills & heart sash are ruining it.

10. Aztec Socks

Even in the UK – whitest land ever – they are jonesing for Aztec socks.

What have we learned from this sampling of Spring and Summer tribal collections? (1) White people dig our style because we’re hot and colorful. (2) Aztec is where it’s at for whiteys. (3) I would probably wear a lot of these if they were cheaper, to be honest.