10 Latinos We're Following on Twitter Right Now

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In no particular order, some Latino twitter accounts we’re hanging out on the internet with these days. Looking for some good follows?

New York City mayor/bazillionaire Mike Bloomberg sometimes speaks Spanish to his Latino constituents. It’s not always that great. Enter El Bloombito, a Twitter account for his Latino alter ego.

Tweet tweet: “Por que of el sñow, el cityo will plow los streets en el Manjattan, Bronxico, Brooklyños, y Queeños. Que feel like to forgeto somethingo…”

You knew that Lin Miranda was Remezcla’s Handball Champion, but did you also know that he’s a Broadway star? And when the In the Heights movie hits, not to mention his film 200 Cartas currently filming in Puerto Rico, a new show in rehearsals, (and an appearance on House!) he’s primed to become super duper famous. Mostly, we dig his Twitter because he’s great to his fans, or as he calls them, his Twittericans.
Tweet tweet: “Gmorning Twitterico! I am here to report that the State of Our Twitterican Union is strong! (half stand up, half stay seated, unfollow.)”

Unfortunately, this account has been down for ages, but it was one of the first fake-celebrity-Twitter-accounts, and it remains one of the funniest.
Tweet tweet: “Why do Mexicans lower their cars? Because it looks bad-ass you pinche racist.”

Jezebel featured, Brooklyn based comedian Daniella Pineda creates YouTube gold both as herself and her narcissistic Hollywood alter-ego DW Diaz. Don’t miss it when she puts out new stuff. Don’t.
Tweet tweet: “Steven Seagal applied lipstick and became Gina Carano.”

It’s election season, chicos.

Tweet tweet: “Tonight, @votolatino heads to the @whitehouse to ask your questions about the State of the Union. What’s on your mind? #sotu #latism”

Speaking of  elections and funny people, did you know Mitt Romney is Mexican? BECAUSE THESE PEOPLE KNOW THAT.
Tweet tweet: “I AM THE JUAN PERCENT”

This LA based party has done amazing, amazing things for the alternative Latino music scene.
Tweet tweet: “Mucho Party People we would like you to get to know IRENE DIAZ : http://m.soundcloud.com/irenediaz-1 SUSPIRO!!!!”

A blog about the Mexican phenomenon known as the Mirrey. What is a Mirrey? “El hijo acaudalado que gusta de ropa de marca, fiestas y antros exclusivos y viajes constantes a la playa….” Still unsure? Check out this Twitter page, and the blog it comes with.
Tweet tweet: “James, tócame una canción R-I-G-H-T N-O-W.”

Mexican + Hipster = Mipster
Tweet tweet: “There is some classy ass porn on Tumblr.. #addictied”

Come back next month, and we’ll have a new crop.