These are the Latinos Featured In Forbes 2021 Billionaire’s List

Lead Photo: Photo by Carlos Tischler/Getty Images
Photo by Carlos Tischler/Getty Images
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Forbes magazine recently released its updated rankings of the 2,755 billionaires from across the world, which was topped by Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos whose net worth is listed at $191.4 billion. The 2021 Billionaire’s List also includes those individuals from Latin America, who have found success in various industries, including mining, telecommunications and beer.

According to the list as of April 8, the richest Latino in the world is Mexican business magnate Carlos Slim, who ranks No. 14 on the list with a net worth of $66.4 billion. He is the CEO of Telmex, América Móvil, and Grupo Carso, which includes industrial, commercial, infrastructure and construction, telecom and research and development divisions.

Coming in as the second richest person in Latin America and No. 53 overall on the Forbes list is Mexican businessman Germán Larrea Mota-Velasco with a net worth of $28.5 billion. He is the CEO of Grupo México, the largest mining company in the country and the third largest copper producer in the world.

Chilean businesswoman Iris Fontbona makes the list at No. 71 and as the richest Latina in the world with a net worth of $23.9 billion. She acquired her wealth in 2005 after the death of her husband, Andrónico Luksic Abaroa, who was the founder of the Luksic Group, which includes businesses in the mining, financial, industrial, and beverages sectors.

At No. 103, Brazilian businessman Jorge Paulo Lemann is the fourth richest Latino in the world with a net worth of $17.7 billion. He is the co-founder of 3G Capital, an investment firm that owns Burger King, Anheuser-Busch and Heinz. Rounding out the top five is Brazilian entrepreneur and Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin with a net worth of $17.3 billion. This puts him at No. 106 on the Forbes list.

The top ten Latino billionaires also include: Mexican businessman Ricardo Salinas Pliego with Grupo Salinas (No. 152 with $13.6 billion); Brazilian investor and businessman Marcel Herrmann Telles with 3G Capital (No. 181 with $12.1 billion); Brazilian businessman Jorge Moll Filho with Rede D’Or hospitals (No. 189 with $11.6 billion); Colombian shareholder and chairman Luis Carlos Sarmiento with Grupo Aval Acciones y Valores (No. 199 with $10.9 billion); and Mexican businessman Alberto Baillères González with mining company Peñoles and department stores El Palacio de Hierro (No. 243 with $9.4 billion).