The Salamanca Diaries: The Top 10 Españoles Mas Guapos You Don’t Know …Yet

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Remezcla blogger Juliana Nalerio lives and writes from Salamanca, Spain.


Spain is more than just paella. There are also good looking people…Why don’t they get no play in the USA? We–North Americans–continue our cultural hegemony over media even when it comes to the images of celebrities we choose to consume. Stop the ignorance. Get to know the hot celebrities of Spain right now.

Our #1 was featured on the cover of Elle España selling in kiosks all over Spain last month. She is HUGE over here. Hate to use the word “exotic” to describe her beauty, but. (Edward Said is turning is his grave.)

Pues, the majority of the sexy latinos who make up our top 10 list are household names in Spain and Europe but barely acknowledged in The States. It’s pretty weird. Why haven’t these Spanish celebrity and indie hotties crossed over yet? Nadie sabe. You be the first to guess who will…

10. Miguel Ángel Silvestre (Actor)

This Spanish actor was in a Sam Shepard play and nobody fucking cares…wtf!!

9. Silvia Alonso (Actress)

Don’t know what she does, but she’s hot! Okay okay, she has a role in Tierra de Lobos, one of the most popular Spanish television series.

8. Clara Lago (Actress)

See her play a cani in the Spanish film Los Primos. Now.

7. Russian Red  (Indie Singer)

Lourdes Hernández is rarely known on US shores, yet this 24-year-old Spanish singer is a seasoned veteran of music festivals all over Europe.

6. Andrés Velencoso (Model)

Yup, this guy has a really pretty face…for a model. Think he is dating Kylie Minogue or something…

5. Jon Kortajarena (Model)

Otro modelo. Jon does Zara, H&M, and designer campaigns. Surely you’ve seen him around and not realized–or maybe you did–and wanted to jump his bones… bloody hell he’s so sexy.

4. Cayetano Riviera (Retired Bullfighter/ Model/ Aristocrat)

Cayetano makes men and women all over the world want to forget about the cruelty of bullfighting and just focus on the hotness. Look at that bulge. Those pink socks.

This man is a BULL.

3. Eva Gonzalez (Model/ Girlfriend of Cayetano)

…I can no longer call myself a feminist after writing this article…wtf

Eva was Miss Spain. Now she is engaged to Cayetano. They are the power couple we all just wish would leak a sex tape… oops. Didn’t say that. They ARE tradition.

2. Hugo Silva Lleva

Look at him go in that green sweater. So cute.

You have no idea who he is do you?

1. Sara Carbonero

Words cannot do Sara Carbonero justice. OMG. Just basque in it.

She is a sports journalist and announcer for Telecinco and La Sexta TV stations. Spanish guys love to ogle her, then call her an idiot. It’s kinda messed up. SUPER famous all over Europe, especially for anyone who likes futbol. Her boyfriend is Iker Casillas. (FYI: Spain has seen a huge increase in the amount of women studying sports journalism…hmm)

That’s the top 10 list of Spanish guapos. Tell us what you think below. Who got left out?


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