100,000 People Have Spoken and They Want Carmen Salinas Out of Office

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Carmen Salinas, the highly meme-able Mexican star who has played some of telenovelas most lovable characters, was recently pictured maybe sleeping during a session of congress. The surprisingly tech-savvy Salinas, who is a member of the Partido Revolucionario Institucional, took to Periscope to defend herself, according to El Universal. “If I had taken a nap, I couldn’t care less, I would say it and say it again, because you are my friends and you know I always tell the truth,” she said. Salinas had plenty of quote-worthy moments (“Now all I need is for a coworker to fart and for it to be blamed on me”), but she ended up upsetting people with her lack of answers.

When she was asked about what laws she would be looking to pass, Salinas said she had none. She was specifically asked about a law that would prohibit narcocorridos. “I have no reason to pass a law, not that one and not any,” she said. As a result, a petition titled “Quitémosle la diputación plurinominal a Carmen Salinas” was started to get her removed from her congressional position. “If you don’t feel outrage at the video where Carmen Salinas mocks the people of Mexico, flaunting her short time as a public servant, elevating the already decrepit Mexican political class, then I don’t know what will wake us up so that we can demand that these [parasites retire],” the petition starts off. In six days, there have been 100,000 people to sign the petition.

There’s word that Salinas responded to the petition in pretty much the worst/best way possible, though we haven’t been able to confirm it because she no longer has a Twitter account.