ICYMI: As Water Levels Drop, This Awesome 16th Century Mexican Temple Resurfaces

Lead Photo: AP Photo/David von Blohn
AP Photo/David von Blohn
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A drought in the Dominican Republic may have brought about a plátano shortage (and subsequently blessed us with these genius memes), but in Mexico, a recent drought has exposed the previously underwater Templo de Santiago (aka Temple of Quechula).

This year, the water levels in Nezahualcoyotl reservoir, which was created in conjunction with a dam in 1966, dropped by something like 100 feet. As a result, the submerged 16th Century church emerged from the waters for the second time ever in the Nezahualcoyotl reservoir’s history (the first time was in 2002, according to Mic).

Naturally, the curious haven’t been able to keep away, and just as in 2002, have been taking tours of the church that was once hit by the plague.