2011 Copa América: Best Places to Watch NY

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How and where to watch your futbol is a tricky subject. Just ask any fan. If you’ve ever been in Latinoámerica for a game, what you remember is the addictive energy, las birras con los panas, the seductive way in which everything and everyone is sucked into this World Cup/Copa América limbo where life is futbol, futbol, futbol, and all else fades into the background.

Finding that same vibe can be hard in the US, where futbol is soccer and has just recently started receiving the attention it deserves. All hope is not lost, however, as Remezcla’s put together a list of the best places to watch the 2011 Copa Ámerica Argentina. Soon entering the quarterfinals, there’s still time to catch the fever, grab a beer, and tune in for a game at one of our picks. Some are latin, some not, some have ridiculous drink specials, all –trust us– are awesome.


Don’t dare show up at Novecento cheering for Costa Rica during crucial Argentina vs. Costa Rica match. For everything else, this is THE place to be on the 11th –and every other match, for that matter. It was our Remezcla Campeonato pick for the World Cup, and it did not let us down. This time around, the mere thought of soccer with a side of classic milanesa a caballo is making us count down the hours.

Manchester Pub

If there’s anyone who shares our love of the sport, it’s the Brits, and this pub is dedicated exclusively to broadcasting soccer. Though they promise great pub food –think chicken pot pie turnovers, pretzels, a half-pound certified Black Angus burger– what really attracts us is the $3 Bud lights, $4 Full Sail Session Premium Lagers, and $5 well drinks at happy hour. And with happy hour lasting all day on weekends, there’s nothing more we could ask for.


If Billyburg hipsters watching futbol is your thing, Brazilian spot Beco is looking to cater to fútbol fiends. Indeed, there’s nothing like a Brazilian Palma Louca or Xingu beer while watching Brazil vs. Ecuador on July 13. If things look sour for Brazil, a couple of the house’s Maracuja Capiroska’s are sure to erase your worries. The only downside? it’s cash only.

Nevada Smiths

Nevada Smith’s claims to be the spot where “football is religion.” With two floors, 14 plasma screens, and a huge projection screen, it’s no wonder some call Nevada “The Church.”

Monkey Room

Two-for-one beers, drink specials, two TVs, World Cup, and Washington Heights crowd. Sounds legit!

Tempest Bar

Not-just-another-Irish-pub the Tempest bar is offering $4 pints of Tempest Lager or Coors Light during screenings of the 2011 Copa América. That, and their BYOF policy (Bring Your Own Food –or order it from the nearby restaurants) might make the Tempest the cheapest place to watch the games in NYC.

Yuca Bar

Hold the rowdiness! Not every game is an excuse for keg stands and beer funnels. Sometimes you just want a chill viewing experience with good food and good drinks. Lower East Side’s Yuca Bar has got your stomach in mind. While you watch the games you can delve into half-priced delights on Sundays (tacos) and Tuesdays (tapas), then wash it all down with $4-mojitos, caipirinhas, and sangria during the every-day happy hour from 1 to 8 p.m.

Brickyard NYC

Gastropub turned local-sustainable-yunkie, Brickyard pairs its grass-fed hanger steak with $5 craft beer, glasses of wine, and well drinks during their 4-8pm happy hour. So if you like your food organic, your beer cold, and your futbol live on 9 huge flatscreens this is the place for you

The Hill

This posh, wood-paneled bar on Gramercy invites you to watch the Copa América from every angle possible on their 25 flatscreens. What’s more, this bar’s not pura pinta; their drink specials walk the walk. What with $3 champagne all night long on Wednesdays, 1/2 off all specialty cocktails every Tuesday, and $3 well drinks, drafts and martinis 5-8pm on Thursdays you’ll be lucky if you can remember who won the match the next day.