Mother's Day: Brunch & Regalos For Cheap

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You will definitely hit the $50 mark with this one, the brunch menu is extensive and varied. The food here is new american with french flare and the location is a beautiful park! Perfect for a tipsy walk in the park after your meal.


Puerto Rican cuisine in a comfortable setting and all brunch items under $10! Simple and to the point.


This one is to keep the jefa al relaxed and shiz. At La Palma you can go grocery shopping, taco eating or masa buying to make tortillas at home. Not a sit down place (its a tiny mercado) but its convenient if you want to party en tu casa. They have “Paquete lo lleves” to-go packages which include tons of food for under $50.


This one is to keep the jefa out all night. Andalu is a Tapas bar and restaurant with a chill atmosphere and late night menus for fridays and saturdays. Tapas are small and cheap and wont go past 13 each. Reservations are convenient since weekends get crowded.

And last but not least our mothers day gift picks. Also enter to win the most awesome novela CUNA DE LOBOS! You might not know it but your mom will remember it for sure. The woman with the patch was one of our featured cholas for cinco de mayo, needless to say its awesome!

Virgen de Guadalupe ($7.13)

Un CD de los Bukis ($9.99)

Menudo Poster ($14.99)

Tshirt ($20.00)

Cuna de Lobos DVD ($9.98)

Que tengas un buen Mother’s Day 2012! Enjoy it with some of our ideas for under $50 or tell us where you’ll be headed on Mother’s Day 2012.

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