President Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is trolling Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

On Wednesday, the Biden campaign announced its Todos Con Biden drive, a bid to rally Latino voters. Almost immediately, Trump’s team bought the domain and created the @todosconbiden Twitter handle and has been using both to take shots at the former vice president.

Currently, the landing page on the site reads, “Oops, Joe se olvidó de los Latinos” as well as its English translation, “Oops, Joe forgot about Latinos.” It then directs users to the Latinos for Trump web page.

On Twitter, the Trump camp has been tweeting out Biden’s not-so-favorable record with Latinos as well as videos knocking him.

Biden, like his Democratic contenders, has often criticized Trump’s anti-immigrant policies and rhetoric. In response to the digital hijacking, his campaign told ABC News, “It is no surprise that Trump’s Campaign would resort to childish antics like this to take attention away from this President’s appalling record of separating families and using immigrants as scapegoats, tormenting hatred and white supremacy, and trying to take away health care from millions of Americans who need it.”

According to Trump’s reelection team, the URL was purchased for a “minimal cost.”

Biden is a Democratic presidential frontrunner, currently polling behind Sen. Elizabeth Warren and ahead of Sen. Bernie Sanders.