This Real Estate Agent Is Offering $250 Worth of Tacos With Purchase of a Home

Lead Photo: Photo by Christopher René Bautista Sánchez / EyeEm
Photo by Christopher René Bautista Sánchez / EyeEm
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In the competitive world of real estate, one woman is attempting to stand out with a little help from tacos. Houston agent Nicole Lopez, of Intero Real Estate Services, is hoping to entice potential homebuyers with $250 worth of tacos. Lopez went viral after a Facebook account Shut the Front Door shared her sign, which reads “$250 in free tacos with purchase of this home.”

Since then, people from all over the country and even parts of Canada have contacted her to find out if this is a legit offer. Explaining her choice to offer homebuyers food, she told Click 2 Houston, “Tacos just seemed like a really good idea at the time.” She also said the $60 sign has turned out to be a good investment.

The tacos come with a provision. “So in Texas it’s illegal to offer anything above $50 in terms of a referral or a client gift,” Lopez told “So what we’ve done is we’ve actually partnered with out sellers and they’ve agreed to offer a $250 credit. So they can take it in terms of closing costs, or if they really want the tacos, we can make sure they have tacos at closing as well.”

Though it might seem that everyone would opt for the closing cost option, Lopez reveals that she’s had at least one buyer take the tacos. “The buyer is definitely going to get the tacos,” she said. “He’s planing a taco party at the end of February.”