This 3-Year-Old Was Told to Run to Home Plate During Baseball Game. He Decided to Troll Everyone

Lead Photo: Photo by Haila Rosero / EyeEm
Photo by Haila Rosero / EyeEm
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Little kids do unexpected things. So if you’re playing baseball and you tell a 3-year-old player to run home, you might hope he or she will follow through or even take your words very literally. But what you might not expect is for said child to decide to run the last stretch in slow motion. But that’s exactly what happened when Lennox Salcedo’s coach told him to run home as quickly as possible. The Walnut Pony Baseball League player hammed it up and did the complete opposite and trolled everyone.

In a short video taken by team mom Leah Nuñez, Lennox’s dad is seen trying to get him to run faster. But Lennox – who obviously marches to the beat of his own drum – wasn’t having it. Check out the adorable/hilarious moment below.

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